January 29th global action day – First pictures from Afghanistan and Germany, Video from Sweden

In support of political prisoners and against execution in Iran

Many organizations and individuals have announced their serious concern about public executions and intensification of executions in Iran. Saturday 29th January 2011, has been declared as a day of global protest against executions and in defense of political prisoners in Iran.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Some of them are activists of the Hezbe Hambastegi Afghanistan, they protest against the islamic regime in Iran and against its torturing and murdering. Also around 3000 Afghanis are in iranian prisons, theatened by execution. To get it clear, the Hezbe Hambastegi Afghanistan has announced to demonstrate for all prisoners and for all ppl living under the joke of the islamic regime in Iran.

Kabul 1Kabul 2Kabul 3Kabul 4Kabul 5


A must see video is this one from yesterday about the Anti Iranian-regime protest in Herat City, Afghanistan. The females one can see with Burkas and Hijabs wear them for self protection, and not because they want them. It´s dangerous for them, many islamists are active in that area:


Hamburg, Germany:



…here is a short video from Hamburg:


Stockholm, Sweden:

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